70mm Throttle Body Kit for QR25DE B16 Spec-V

$114.99 - $299.99 Sold Out

This kit includes everything needed to upgrade the throttle body on the QR25DE B16 Spec-V engine from the factory 60mm bore to a 70mm bore!

Increasing the throttle body bore creates improved airflow into the engine, resulting in a more responsive throttle as well as a significant increase in torque range.

This kit can include a brand new Hitachi throttle body, the Simplistic Garage adapter, mounting hardware, and an O-ring seal. The adapter is designed to provide sufficient mating surface area for a proper seal while remaining lightweight and efficient in respect to moving air from the throttle body into the intake.

To be installed by a professional for off-road use only.

Throttle relearn procedures are necessary for a proper installation and a tune is recommended.

The throttle body comes with a 1-year warranty and the rest of the kit has a lifetime warranty.