75mm Throttle Body Adapter Set for 350z 370z G35 G37 VQ35HR/VQ37VHR

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This kit is designed to increase the throttle body diameter for the VQ35HR and VQ37VHR engines in Infinity G37s and Nissan 370zs from 60mm to 75mm.

The bigger diameter bore and allows for greater airflow into the engine which produces a wider power band and a snappier throttle response. Dynographs have shown peak wheel horsepower gains of 6 horsepower while showing more significant gains in the top end of up to 10 horsepower past the peak. Additionally, the torque curve is much more consistent throughout the rpm range.

This adapter is designed to provide sufficient mating surface area while using the minimum amount of material to remain as lightweight as possible.

Additionally, the bore is bell-shaped to match the bigger throttle body and is 5mm bigger than the factory intake diameter to allow for smooth airflow through the product, as well as accommodating those who have ported intakes.

The adapter is precision machined from 6061 Aluminum and is .5 inches thick. If a greater thickness is desired please contact me for a custom order.

For off-road use only and to be installed by a professional. Tune is required

This kit has a lifetime warranty.