TriggaSpec Oil Coolers

$364.99 - $544.99

The TRIGGASPEC Oil Cooler Kits are perfect for daily driven vehicles or vehicles whose life is spent on the track! The benefit of having cooler engine oils is extended engine life and better performance during aggressive driving. Made with the VQ series engines in mind, this kit will fit your Nissan or Infinity with the VQ35DE, VQ35HR, or VQ37VHR engine perfectly!

The engine oil kit includes a 32-row oil cooler, stainless steel braided lines, industrial-grade fittings that are crimped, and a thermostatic sandwich plate that has ports for oil feed and oil return lines for turbos. These ports can also be used as a temp/pressure sensor or blocked off.

Power steering cooler kits are built to help cool your power steering fluid at a much higher rate than normal! Cooler temperatures help with getting more life out of your power steering rack. Best for street use or racing use! the kit includes a 19-row oil cooler, proper lines, clamps, fittings, and zip ties with as well mounting hardware.

Automatic Transmission coolers help cool transmission fluid in the car with a big 25-row oil cooler right in front of the car. Cooler fluid means the valve bodies in the automatic transmission have to work with much less pressure on your trans for long-term use and racing! This kit includes a 25-row cooler, all the proper lines, clamps, mounting hardware, & zip ties.

To be installed by a professional for off-road use only.